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We love to hear from our members, especially our winners! Please provide us with one (1) short 1‑2 minute video, or a photo of you and your prize with a written testimonial of your experience. To thank you for your submission, you will receive a gift card and VIP points!

Members who submit a video will receive:
  • $25 gift card
  • 500 VIP bonus points

Members who submit a photo and written testimonial will receive:
  • $20 gift card
  • 250 VIP bonus points

Your video, photo or comments may be featured on our Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube page, or in future promotional material.

Uploading Your Video or Photo and Testimonial is Easy

In your video, tell us about your prize and how you felt when you found out you had won. Visit our YouTube page to see other great member videos that we’ve already received!

If you are unable to submit a video, upload a photo of you with your prize along with a written testimonial about your VIP Voice experience.


  1. Tell everyone how you won your cool prize
  2. Include yourself in the photo/video along with your prize
  3. Mention VIP Voice and tell us why you love it!

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2. Select the file you want to upload and click "open." In order to receive the reward for your submission, the file name of the video or photo you upload must include your first initial and last name. Image/video size not to exceed 10 MB. Testimonial must be less than 2,000 characters.

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You will receive your gift card in 3-4 weeks. VIP bonus points will be credited to your account within 72 hours after uploading your files. One submission, per member, allowed every six months.